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Our mission is to create a community of volunteers across Ibiza to collect donations and food for people in need

Ibiza’s residents have been on lockdown since 13 March 2020, impacting on the island’s economy dramatically. The majority of people living on the island depend on tourism for their livelihood. At a time when the Ibiza’s work force should be preparing for the summer season, many find themselves without income, savings or food.

There are two main groups who require urgent help:

  • The service industry, who should be opening bars, hotels, restaurants, shops and restarting jobs in April and find themselves with no income
  • The Farmers, who rely on the presently defunct service industry leaving them unable to harvest the current crop or plant the next one.

The economic cycle in Ibiza depends upon the six month summer season when the residents earn all of their annual income. By early March the islander’s have spent their savings surviving the long winter and they are looking forward to start work again and receiving their first pay check in 6 months .

The farmers rely on hotels and restaurants buying their produce. The food they plant now, is harvested in May in order to supply local restaurants, hotels and tourists.

The timing of this pandemic has hit Ibiza like a Tsunami, and turned everything upside down

 Now nearing the end of April many families are unable pay their rent or buy food. The Government help is not available to everyone which is causing a lot of distress. And then there those who don’t qualify for Government aid and farmers who have planted their crop cannot afford to pay workers to harvest end of May. This fatal combination of no income and a national lock down is causing unprecedented hardship.

Ibiza Food Bank’s mission is to create an army of volunteers across the island. These volunteers will collect food, coordinate donations, volunteer on local farms, man collection points or work in the food bank itself. By supporting the farmers, Ibiza Food Bank will ensure fresh healthy balanced food as well staving off the collapse of a vital industry.

Our initiative will allow the community to support the farmers and the people who cannot afford to eat during this terrible crisis

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Our Volunteers:

  • Collecting Food Donations and Cash Donations across Ibiza for people in need.
  • Support an Ibiza Farmer by helping them harvest their crop so the people in Ibiza who require help receive Fresh Food.
  • The food and money collected through our volunteers will be donated to our charity partners.

Support an Ibiza Farmer:

  • We will use some of the financial donations to support farmers to grow fresh produce.
  • Volunteers will help farmers harvest their crops.
  • A proportion of fresh produce will be donated and included in the food parcels so that clients can receive well balanced nutritious food parcels.

Creating a Community of Volunteers to fundraise and collect food donations across Ibiza:

  • OUR 250 STRONG VOILUNTEERS will be sorted into groups who will use their network to collect MOUNTAINS OF food and non-food donations.
  • Anyone with spare cash can also donate money online at our Go Fund Me web page.
  • OUR VOLUNTEERS will deliver all the food to collection points across the island.
  • OUR VOLUNTEERS will pick the food up from these collection points and help the farmers harvest their crops
  • The food will be delivered to the Food Bank in Playa Den Bossa
  • Here the food will be sorted, stored and distributed to the 3 Charities, who need help. We donate food to the Red Cross, Caritas and Doctors of the World
  • Residents can deliver donations directly to Ibiza Food Bank.


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