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Volunteers are our key ingredient

Ibiza Foodbank team is small and we rely heavily on teams and individuals who generously give their time to help us get food to the people who need it.


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Ibiza Food Bank’s mission is to create a community of volunteers across the island. These volunteers will collect food, coordinate donations, volunteer on local farms, man collection points or work in the food bank itself. By supporting the farmers, Ibiza Food Bank will ensure fresh healthy balanced food as well staving off the collapse of a vital industry.

Our mission is to support the local farming community in Ibiza and deliver healthy, nutritious food parcels to as many people in need as possible across the island. We aim to carry this task out in the most efficient and effective way, and our partners are essential to enabling the Foodbank to continue delivering on this promise .

Creating a Community of Volunteers to fundraise and collect food donations across Ibiza.

  • We need volunteers to co-ordinate teams of volunteers in different areas across the island
  • We need volunteers to work in the food bank
  • We need drivers to distribute the food parcels and collect goods
  • We need volunteers to help the farmers harvest their crop
In this time of great hardship we need the community to join together and help each other. Spread the word so people know what you’re planning. Set up an event, send out invitations, and message everyone you know!

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We cannot do what we do without the generosity of our wonderful partners.


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