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Your food donation will help families across IBIZA

Your generous donation will help keep Foodbank’s shelves stocked with a variety of food and grocery items. From canned soups and vegetables to bags of rice and pasta, your donations will help drive hunger out of Ibiza. We welcome all non-perishable pantry items that are in-date and personal hygiene and household items.

  • OUR 250 STRONG VOLUNTEERS will be sorted into groups who will use their network to collect MOUNTAINS OF food and non-food donations.
  • Anyone with spare cash can also donate money online at our Go Fund Me web page.
  • OUR VOLUNTEERS will deliver all the food to collection points across the island.
  • OUR VOLUNTEERS will pick the food up from these collection points and help the farmers harvest their crops.
  • The food will be delivered to the Food Bank in Playa Den Bossa.
  • Here the food will be sorted, stored and distributed to the 3 Charities, who need help. We donate food to the Red Cross, Caritas and Doctors of the World.
  • Residents can deliver donations directly to Ibiza Food Bank.

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Collection Points

      ibiza crisis


      we need
      • Rice
      • Tuna
      • Tinned Vegetables
      • Tinned Fruit
      • Tinned Vegetables
      • Milk
      • Pasta
      • Tinned Fried Tomato
      • Flour
      • Tinned Food
      • Broth
      • Biscuits
      • Sardine
      • Cola Cao 900gr
      • Oil
      • Sugar
      • Fruit Juices
      • Sausages
      • Coffee
      • Toasted Bread
      • Nuts, Hazelnuts, Walnuts,..
      we need
      • Toothpaste
      • Shampoo
      • Gel
      • Sanitary Pads / Tampons
      • Razor
      • Bleach 2l
      • Cleaning Liquid
      • Toilet Paper
      • Dishwashing Liquid
      • Detergent
      • Tooth Brush
      we need
      • Jar Of Fruit
      • Jar Of Chicken
      • Jar Of Vegetables
      • Jar Of Beef
      • Milk
      • Diapers
      • Wipes
      • Infant Hygiene
      generous supporters

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      We cannot do what we do without the generosity of our wonderful partners.


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