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Deesa Tanit, Bergonias 11, Playa den BossaIbiza 07817 - Spain

Ibiza’s hospitality industry is supporting local farmers to enable them to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic and feed the people on the island in desperate need.

Since lockdown hit the small island of Ibiza in mid-March, the economy, which relies mainly on tourism, has been impacted dramatically. One industry which often goes unnoticed, which has been critically affected by this crisis are Ibiza’s local farmers. These local farms are small, and are proud of Ibiza’s farming heritage. The Farmers produce fresh, sustainable produce which is sold to many of the hotels, bars and restaurants.

The Ibiza Food Bank wants to raise funds for Ibiza Farmers and local residents in need. The donations will assist local farmers to survive and enable them to continue growing their crops, which will allow The Ibiza Food Bank to distribute nutritious, organic produce to those in need of food during this economic crisis. We are also providing volunteers to help with the harvest, as the farmers are unable to pay workers due to substantially reduced sales and the decimation of the tourist industry in Ibiza this coming summer.

If you love the island as much as we do, we would be eternally grateful if you could support this initiative by sharing our story or indeed donating to the cause. For the price of the cocktail you would usually be enjoying by the pool you could be feeding an Ibizan family in need.

Please go to our Go Fund Me page to donate or visit the website to learn more about our important initiative or if you would like to volunteer to work with The Ibiza Food Bank

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